Placing a healthy driver behind each steering wheel


Certify physical and mental fitness by conducting quality medical tests for all the candidates applying for driving licenses, being the pioneer in the medical field of Sri Lanka.


  • Examine physical and mental fitness of all the applicants for diving licences.
  • Improve the quality and security aspects of the licences issued to candidates
  • Achieve quality of service through proper human resources management

Functions of the Institute as per the Act No 25 of 1997

  • Providing medical services to drivers of all types of vehicles including heavy vehicles.
  • Examine and issuing certificates of physical and mental fitness to drivers of all types of vehicles including heavy vehicles.
  • Subject drivers and operators of all types of motor vehicles to medical examinations and make recommendations regarding their qualifications and suitability.
  • Providing necessary medical services and assistance in road accidents relating to any type of motor vehicles.
  • Ensure that all types of motor vehicles are driven and operated only by persons physically and mentally fit, by the institution itself.
  • Providing medical advice and recommendations on industrial hygiene and industrial accidents.
  • Formulation of relevant standards and fixing of limits pertaining to Transport Medical Activities to be followed by relevant implementing authorities.