Where is NTMI Nugegoda ?

  • It is down High-Level Road and it is in front of the Fly over in  Nugegoda. It is between CIB Nugegoda and Telecom. It is a blue coloured building and the number is 170.

What is to be brought for the Medical Examination ?

If it is a fresh applicant

  • National ID or a valid passport

If it is for a license renewal

  • National ID or a valid passport
  • Old driving license
  • If the National ID or the driving license or both are lost, bring a Police report obtain within Six month. Bring the details of the driving license obtain from Department of Motor Traffic

If it is a Court Referral

  • National ID and the referral letter by courts or traffic police.

If it is for a Route Permit

  • National ID and the Driving License

How long will it take for the Medical Examination ?

  • About 02 hours

Can I reserve a time for obtain medical fitness certificate ?

  • Yes, you can use the online appointment tab to reserve a time slot .

How much is for a Medical Fitness Certificate ?

How to get a Medical Certificate for a Disable Person ?

  • Come for a Medical examination on any week day preferably in the morning.
  • The vehicle category of the driving license will be decided after the medical examination.

Can Laboratory Investigations done from Other Organizations be accepted ?

  • No.
  • Necessary investigations will be done by NTMI

If the Medical Certificate obtain a few days ago was lost and can a person get a copy of that Certificate ?

  • NTMI does not keep copies of medical certificate within the organization. If the certificate is lost, the client will have to pay Rs.1,500.00 and face a medical examination again to obtain a new certificate.

At what time does the Organization open in the morning ?

  • Usually it is open for the customers from 07.30a.m.
  • This differs from a branch to a branch.

Till what time the Tokens are issued ?

  • No definite time.
  • It depends on the number of clients that could be examined by the branch office for that day.