Dr. Savindra Gamage

Chairman of the Board of Directors 

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Mr. K.P.B.V.Silva
Additional Secretary(Development)

Representative of the Secretary,
Ministry of Transport

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Mr. Shashi Welgama
Chairman of the National Transport Commission

b dumy Mr. W.Sumith Nissanka
Deputy Inspector General of Police
(Traffic Administration and Road Safety Range)
  b dumy Mr. S.Giridaran
Additional Director General
Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Finance
b dumy Dr. P.W.C.Lal Panapitiya
Deputy Director General( Med Service I)
Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medical Services
  b dumy Dr. S.K.P.Tharanga
Senior Doctor, Clinical Section, National Institute of Traditional
Medicine Department of Ayurveda Ministry of Health Nutrition &
Indigenous Medicine
b dumy Dr. Prasad Ranaweera MD (Kursk)
Senior Grade Medical Officer National Hospital Sri Lanka
Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indegenous Medical Services
  b dumy Mr. Sunil Punchihewa
Project Manager, Climate Mitigation Action Support Project Climate
Change Secretariat Ministry of Environment and Wild Life Resources
  Board Secretary
Mrs. H.M.C.K. Herath