Mr. Dilum Amunugama

Hon. State Minister of Vehicle Regulations,
Bus Transportation Services and Train Compartments and Motor Vehicle Industry.


With the dawn of a new era, we are determined for the prosperous country, that was long awaited since the inde­pendence. The road system endowed by the British has gone a long way for the post-inde­pendence Sri Lanka, however the challenges of the new millennium have been overlooked by the respective gov­ernments for no good reason. A people cen­tric transport system is an essential component of the economy and people of the country today. My ministry will take initiative and go that extra mile to estab­lish a commuter friend­ly transport service in the island.

It is impressive to un­derstand that a national system is in effect to medically certify driv­er applicants for their suitability to drive on our road network. The public of all walks of life require a secure tomor­row, and a disciplined driver will be able to pre­vent accidents thereby ensure road safety and security.

The National Transport Medical Institute has a major role to play in establishing a qualita­tive shift in the transport industry in the country. The effort taken to pre­pare a five year plan into the future of the institute is therefore highly laud­able. A systematic plan­ning procedure is very essential for each public sector organizations to effect ‘tangible chang­es’ to their services. My best wishes are for the stakeholders of this endeavor, who will be contributing to the bet­terment of the transport industry of the country.