National Transport Medical Institute provide several other professional services in-order to best serve the consumers. With state-of-the-art technology and the services consumers can expect the outcome 100% reliable and fast.

Medical Fitness Certification for Obtaining New Driving Licenses

Vehicle category Fee (LKR)
Heavy Duty Vehicle 1,500.00
Light Motor Vehicle 1,500.00
Long Vehicle 1,500.00

Medical Fitness Certification for Renewal of Driving Licenses

Service Fee (LKR)
Renewal of Heavy Duty Vehicle Driving Licenses 1,500.00
Renewal of Light Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses 1,500.00
Obtaining Learner Permit 1,500.00

Medical Fitness Certification for Obtaining

Category Fee (LKR)
NTC Identity card 1,500.00
Route Permit (Omini Bus) 1,500.00
Private Bus Conductor License 1,500.00
Driver Instructor 1,500.00
CGTTI Trainees 2200.00
CGTTI Apprentice 2200.00
X-Ray 700.00

Medical Fitness Certification for Recruitment

Service Fee (LKR) Remarks
Gov. Institution 1,500.00 Some of the institutions need a x-ray and ECG. Then the applicant has to be pay an additional amount.
Central Transport Board 2200.00 -
Private Companies 1500.00 -

Conducting Medical Examinations

Service Fee (LKR)
CTB Re-Employment 800.00
Court Referral 1500.00
Police Referral 1500.00
Medical Board 500.00
Over 40 Medical Certification -

Services for Foreign Applicants

Category Priority Charges For Medical Fitness Certificate
Diplomatic Given Free of Charge
Foreign visa Given LKR 7500.00 (Special)
Dual Citizen Not-Given LKR 1500.00 (Local fee)
Spouse Visa Not-Given LKR 1500.00 (Local fee)

Radiology Services

Service Fee (LKR)
X - Ray Report 700.00 -

OPD service for CTB Employees

Biochemical Laboratory Tests